About Beautiful Brows

Hair threading is an increasingly popular method of removing facial hair and shaping lovely eyebrows for both ladies and men. It is a preferred alternative to waxing for many because it is quick, precise and leaves a clean, attractive, long-lasting look – without affecting your skin!

Hair threading professionals use special cotton threads, skillfully twisted and pulled along the skin’s surface to cleanly remove single or whole lines of hairs at a time. No adhesives, waxing, chemicals or tweezing. Because hair removal is accomplished at the follicle level our customers enjoy clean, longer lasting results they love!


Beautiful Brows Advantages!

There are many reasons Beautiful brows by Annie customers tell their friends about their positive hair threading experience …

• Extremely precise • Cleaner appearance
• Quick, easy & natural • Gentle to your skin
• Longer lasting results • An exceptional value
• Relaxing studio setting • You will look great!

Annie Lin’s new hair threading studio in Windsormeade Marketplace Shopping Center in Williamsburg offers a wonderful alternative for problem facial hair. New visitors are amazed how quick, painless and easy it is to obtain a nicer looking appearance in minutes. Annie Lin, the owner, felt it was time Williamsburg residents enjoyed this wonderful service here too.

Annie welcomes anyone with eyebrow or facial hair concerns to visit Beautiful Brows at your convenience. Enjoy the inviting, peaceful studio setting located at 4920-F Monticello Ave  in Windsormeade Marketplace Shopping Center.