What is Hair Threading?

What is ‘Hair Threading’? 
‘Hair Threading’ is a safe, precise method of hair removal using special cotton threads to shape lovely eyebrows and remove unwanted facial hairs.

It is considered the most natural way to enjoy perfect eyebrows or remove unwanted facial hair from the lip, chin, sideburns, or full face. Hair Threading professionals, like Annie, use thin cotton threads which are doubled, twisted and rolled along the skin surface to cleanly remove unwanted facial hairs cleanly at the follicle level for a neater, longer lasting result. It is ideal for ‘lassoing’ both individual hairs and long lines of hair with incredible precision – without affecting the skin. It is an excellent method for shaping perfect eyebrows.

Hair Threading, unlike waxing, gives the skilled practitioner more precise control. It is easy on the skin and unlike tweezing can pluck single hairs or long lines of hair quickly without using adhesives or chemicals, which may affect the skin. Dermatologists often recommend it for both ladies and men.

History of Hair Threading
Hair Threading is an ancient art. The practice of using special threads pulled along the skin surface to remove unwanted hair dates as far back as India 6,000 years ago. It later spread to Asia and throughout the Middle East where facial perfection and beauty is still prized today.

More recently, this historic beauty art has gained immense popularity in the Western World with eyebrow threading studios and hair threading bars or kiosks popping up in major cities all over Eastern Europe, Australia, the U.S. – and now Williamsburg VA!

Hair Threading Is Popular For A Reason:

  • Recommended by dermatologists
  • Cleaner, longer lasting results
  • Safer than waxing or chemicals
  • Great for those with sensitive skin
  • Hair regrowth much finer over time
  • Natural way to shape your brows
  • More precise method of shaping brows
  • Gentle to and your appearance
  • Only new cotton threads touch skin
  • Fast, great looking result in minutes